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Making money from Trading - True Fact:

Question: Is traders loose their money trading in stocks ?
Answer: Yes - Study says that 95% of traders do loose their money trading in stocks

Question: Is any traders earns money trading in stocks ?
Answer: Yes - Study says that 5% of traders make consistent profits trading in stock market

MyTrade Team:

We at MyTrade team went for study on traders who making consistent money from trading , After exploring the strategies and risk mangement followed by very successfull traders in the market and we believe making consistent profits from trading in stock market is so simple if just follow basic principles and descipline on stock's selection , entry point, exit point and a very good money risk management in place

How we identify stocks:

MyTrade team has developed its own algo trading software which providing a range of services including trading on Equity stocks , Futures, Options etc. This software was build with limited risk and provides trading calls which is completely based on automated algorithms.

Accuracy of calls/recommendations:

This algorithm has been tested with last 5 years historical data, and after excluding the brokerages and comission and it is still proven to have around 70-100% returns every year consistantly from the Year 2013 , Lets say you have invested 1,00,000 on trading and you will be getting 1,70,000 to 2,00,000 at end of the year. Please Click Here for more details on our past performance

Key for best returns:
1) Take our all calls without fail
2) Follow our key target & stop loss points without any changes
3) Do not manupulate the order once entered into the script
4) Risk same amount/capital for our each calls
5) Risk only 10% of your capital for each call

Money Management (Assuming RS 10,000 Capital):

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