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!! What is MyTradeInn's Automated trading system?

MyTradeInn's Automated trading system is a market scanning software that creates orders and automatically submits them to a market centre or exchange through your trading account. The program will automatically monitors each stocks and generate orders based on MyTradeInn's highly tested and high return successful algorithms , allocation for each position and executing trades at the precise moment when all the required conditions are met.

!! Why MyTradeInn's Automated trading system than manual trading?

1) Faster execution of trade, calls will be picked before it get placed in the website
2) Well controlled risk management
3) Avoid Human manual errors
4) Controls Human emotions towards stocks movement
5) No need to monitor the market throughout the day
6) As there is no manual intervention
7) Focus on your primary job , without spending time for trading business

!! Kick start your Auto trading by 4 simple steps!!

Setp 1: SignUp with MyTradeInn

Visit this link to generate your MyTradeInn.Com account

Step 2: SignUp Zerodha Developer Account

Visit this link to signup your Zerodha developer account

Step 3: Register and Subscribe for Zerodha Auto Trading by below settings

App name: MyTradeInn's AutoTrade

Redirect URL: https://MyTradeInn.Com/AtConnect.aspx?

Postback URL: https://MyTradeInn.Com/AtConnect.aspx?

Description: MyTradeInn's AutoTrade

Step 3: Get Approval from our team and Start Auto Trade

Contact us by this link to get approval and kick start your trading!!

Auto Trade charges:

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